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Invisible Stories: Write to be Seen

Jun 22, 2021

Today’s Invisible Stories guest is Publish Your Purpose Press author Eileen Scully. Eileen Scully is an international keynote speaker, author of In the Company of Men: How Women can Succeed in a World Built Without Them, and founder and CEO of The Rising Tides, a consulting firm that makes workplaces better for women through assessment and advisory services. Eileen has been interviewed by Forbes, the Boston Globe, Standard and Poor's Global Market Intelligence, Thrive Global, Psychology Today, and Inc. She launched her book with PYP because she wanted to explore more deeply some areas that are very male dominated in the world and highlight not only women that are succeeding in those spaces, but the women that are changing those spaces from within.


In this podcast, Eileen talks about finding the motivation to get her book done, and how she put some of herself into her book despite it being a non-fiction book. She discusses

  • How she overcame the imposter syndrome that so many authors face, and decided to listen to her editor and include more of herself and her own experiences within the book text. She was able to push past that panic that her story isn’t worthy, and instead own who she is and claim her story. 
  • How she focused her book content on sharing it in a way that every reader would see themselves on one or both sides of her examples of workplace interactions, and empathize and think more deeply about such situations.
  • Learning to let go and be comfortable with the fact that even well-established authors will always find edits that they want to make to their book that is already on the shelf!