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Invisible Stories: Write to be Seen

Jul 15, 2020

On today’s episode I speak to Tony Ferraiolo, author of Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth, volumes 1 and 2. Tony has dedicated himself to both promoting competent and respectful health care for the transgender community, by educating providers, and advocating on behalf of patients. He also trains educators on...

Jul 8, 2020

On today’s episode I speak to Dr. Maysa Akbar, Author of Urban Trauma. Dr. Akbar is a clinical psychologist and board certified in child and adolescent psychology. Her work is centered around the impacts of trauma within urban communities. Her company, Integrated Wellness Group, is a behavioral health clinic in...

Jul 1, 2020

In this episode we discuss:

  • We can move our pain. Through our story, and through sharing our story with other people, and finding meaning in it, we can transmute pain. 
  • Having a dig word, a truth that you are operating and acting within creates a different vibe even if the topic is the same. By acting within the bubble...