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Invisible Stories: Write to be Seen

Jul 20, 2021

Today’s Invisible Stories guest is Pasha Cook, the founder of Pasha Cook & Associates, an International creative solutions consulting agency that helps professional athletes and executive entrepreneurs Build Brand Identity Stories. She has been on an unstoppable path to success ever since. Pasha made history in 2018 when she became the first female college outreach speaking ambassador for the NFL. In 2019 Pasha played an intricate role in art directing an international documentary launched by the Yao Ming and the Chinese Basketball Association.. Pasha is the author of Brand Yourself Like a Champion: Cultivating Brand Excellence From The Inside Out, which guides readers by defining what a personal brand is and assisting them in evaluating themselves through interactive self-reflection exercises, teaching best practices so that readers can add value and obtain clarity around their personal brand vision.


In this podcast, Pasha shares insights into how she defines success and what her process was when she decided to publish Brand Yourself Like A Champion. Pasha provides insight into: 

  • How her book stemmed from working with athletes to determine their transferable skills, and developed into how to make that type of content accessible for all people. She discusses how you need to look at your own strengths and weaknesses, identify what you value, and what your own personal mission is. 
  • Not every step of her process will work for everyone. Sometimes a formula will work for one person, but others need to just pull some advice from the pages to be their most authentic self. Everyone is different, so she recognizes that people will utilize her book differently to learn and grow. 
  • The intentional design of her book to look like a fashion magazine, drawing from her past in that industry, and how it links in unexpected ways to developing a personal and authentic brand. 
  • How to give yourself time with your work before you put it out in the world. When your story is no longer hurting you or a hindrance to you, then you are released to help to heal other people with your words.