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Invisible Stories: Write to be Seen

Sep 16, 2020

Today’s Invisible Stories guest is Kristin Andree, a business strategist, speaker, podcaster, and author of You're Not for Everyone: But, You Can Be For Everyone. Kristen specializes in working with folks that own businesses, financial advisors, and powerhouse women looking to scale up their businesses and generate growth. An engaging speaker, Kristin’s goals are to Coach, Challenge, and Empower her clients. 

In this podcast, Kristin and I delve into the details of how to market yourself and your book. She advises listeners about: 

  • Never compromising who they are, and to instead capitalize on their strengths to build an intentional life for themselves. 
  • The benefits of engaging with a beta reader group and other publishing professionals, which helped make the publishing of her second book a better, more organized, and streamlined process. 
  • Marketing themselves and their book using calls-to-action and online and social media marketing.