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Invisible Stories: Write to be Seen

Sep 30, 2020

Today’s podcast guest is online business brand and marketing strategist Nikki Groom. Nikki is the founder of the Movement Makers Mastermind, which is a small business incubator for women business owners, as well as a podcaster and author of A Power of Your Own: How to Ignite Your Potential, Uncover Your Purpose, and Blaze Your Own Trail in Life and Business. 

In this podcast, Nikki and I discuss the love-hate relationship that exists for authors writing their first book. She offers her insight on:

  • How she overcame her own doubts about her writing in order to serve a greater purpose by inspiring other entrepreneurs with shared experiences. 
  • The benefits of working with a writing community as a support system. 
  • And how she walked the line between getting blunt feedback and critiques from others, while still staying true to her vision and her mission.