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Invisible Stories: Write to be Seen

Nov 11, 2020

Today’s Invisible Stories guest is Dr. Steve Yacovelli, also known as “The Gay Leadership Dude” is founder of TopDog Learning Group, a learning and development, leadership, change management, and diversity and inclusion and consulting firm. Steve is also a renowned speaker, podcaster, and author of Pride Leadership: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Leader to be the King or Queen of Their Jungle, and the accompanying Pride Leadership Workbook. 

In today’s podcast, Steve shares insights on the writing and marketing process of his book, and how he took one idea and turned it into a massive branding strategy. Steve and I discuss: 

  • Why it is so crucial to market early in your writing process, and how to bring your audience along for each step of your journey.
  • How you can use Scrivener to store ideas and develop your manuscript.  
  • Why publishing timelines can take longer than some authors expect, and how PYP uses the PYP Academy to guide authors on their journey to publication. 
  • Why he decided to do a companion workbook for his book.