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Invisible Stories: Write to be Seen

Dec 2, 2020

In today’s episode of Invisible Stories, I speak with diversity and inclusion entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and author Bernadette Smith. Bernadette’s work in the field of LGBTQ+ Inclusion with her company, Equality Institute, has empowered businesses through elearning, consulting, and training in the field of DEI. Bernadette is also a prolific writer, and has published three books, relating to inclusion in both LGBTQ+ wedding planning and in business. 

Bernadette and I talk about our similarities when it comes to our businesses, as well as her solutions for writing and accountability. Bernadette shares: 

  • How her writing evolved from a very niche topic of Lesbian Wedding Planning to business-to-business inclusivity. 
  • Why it was so hard to write her first book, and why it was easier to write her subsequent books. 
  • How she utilizes dictation and compiles past articles and newsletters to form the content of her books, and why that could work for other authors stuck on a blank page. 
  • Her methods for overcoming her limiting beliefs, and her rituals for helping keep herself focused on her writing.