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Invisible Stories: Write to be Seen

Sep 23, 2020

Today’s podcast is with Robyn Vie-Carpenter-Brisco, a spiritual life coach who utilizes the “5 Priciples Of Joy” to unlock her clients potential and inspire them toward growth and fulfillment, through mindfulness and manifestation techniques using stones and crystals. She is the author of Let's get stoned: Using Stones and Crystals to Create a Life That Rocks!

In this podcast, Robyn and I jump right into questions of editing and writing in a way that realizes your true purpose. Robyn shares:

  • How she switched gears mid project and wrote the book she feels she was meant to write instead.
  • How she learned to trust her editors and let them do their job, and how to recognize the fact that editors are hired for a reason: so writers can focus on writing!
  • Why Hybrid Publishing was the right track for her book.