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Invisible Stories: Write to be Seen

Jun 29, 2021

Today’s Invisible Stories guest is the founder and president of Total HR Solutions LLC, and author of Silent Overcomer: Trauma Comes in all Shapes and Sizes, Tracee L. Hunt. Tracee knows that people are the foundation of any business, and her company relies upon years of executive consultation expertise to work with key leadership in organizations to learn what is required to achieve the desired outcomes in a company. They then translate that into key people strategies.Tracee founded her business in response to a recognized need nationally for small to mid-sized companies across all industries, both for profit and not-for-profit, to have access to strategic Human Resources and Benefits strategies. In Tracee’s memoir, Silent Overcomer, she shares her insights and encourages readers to examine their own traumas, offering hope and encouragement to anyone struggling with adversity, whether past or present. Her honesty and courage in telling her no-holds-barred story is an inspiring message of resilience.


In this podcast, Tracee and I delve into the details of her book, and how she managed to overcome her minimization of her own trauma and reframe her thinking about her story.  Tracee shares:

  • Her perspective on trauma, and how it can color our world view and compound upon itself if we don’t address the root of that trauma. 
  • How she learned to move past the fear of how her work might impact the people in her past that had caused her trauma, and instead focus on those she really needed to reach, her audience that might also be struggling as she had.  
  • By writing her book authentically and focusing on reaching others like her, she ended up reaching a far wider audience than she imagined just because she wasn’t actively trying to address her book to everyone. The authenticity came across and really impacted people.